Smart HomeofAdvantages

Smart home has become a new trend in Indonesia for homes today.
The benefits provided by using our products.

Devices Customize

Smart home has many functions and features, and of course not all functions or all features needed by you. We can customize your wishes for smart home needs. And our strengths are the first and only in Indonesia.

Cost Effective

With the price offered is very affordable you can already enjoy the features to control lights, television, air conditioning, electrical sockets and other home appliances.


No need to worry about your house doing smart home installation, our products are not needed to pull cables or damage your building (walls or ceilings).

Brand Integration

Your home appliances which at present may have partially used the good brands of Samsung Smart Things, Philips Hue, LG, Xiaomi, Sonos, Nest, Tuya etc. we can be integrated into one.

Flexible User Interface (UI)

The display for the smart home panel user interface has a flexible theme both in terms of color, icon and arrangement of buttons digitally, as well as the installation of LCD Panel Control in your home.

Media Player

As a complement to Smart Home, we can integrate media players in both Chromecast, VLC and Spotify that have become a trend among today's society.

Why Choose Us

  • Consultant

    We provide consultancy regarding your needs both from automation, server, network, and web building.

  • Customize

    Our products are custom, adjusting to your needs.

  • Support 24/7

    Providing 24/7 support, we are always ready to provide services to help you.

About us

KARSYTE Systems Integration (SI) in Indonesia provides hardware, software, networking and IoT technology.

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Jl. Raya Meruya Ilir No. 88, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11620