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Common questions about Smart Home from consumers that are usually asked of us. For consultations and more details you can directly contact us.

Smart Home is a house or building that is equipped with high-tech devices that allow devices and systems that are connected to each other.

Smart Home System is a smart home system that is used to control almost all equipment and equipment that is in a house or building and the command can be controlled remotely (remote).

You can access your home from within via WiFi through Smartphones, Tablets and Browsers.

If you are outside your home, with internet smartphone media you can access your home.

1. Easy to use: smart home is not only applied to homes, but upper level residences such as apartments. That way the residents of the apartment and residence do not need to bother controlling the furniture contained in it, for example, turning on electrical devices, lights, windows and doors.

2. Ensuring Safety: by using Smart Home technology, we do not need to be uncomfortable with the state of our residence when we sleep or are outside the home. Houses are generally equipped with access rights to the entrance to the residence, for example using a motion sensor equipped with CCTV cameras and also an alarm that will be triggered if security is breached.

3. Environmentally Friendly and Energy: an important and major feature that emerges from this Smart Home is the protection of the limited resources on earth. More and more people are becoming aware of the ability to create their homes truly smart and also environmentally friendly (green) by utilizing residential controllers that are integrated with and also all residential sub-systems to increase savings by controlling lighting, window coverings, HVAC, irrigation and also by monitoring usage.

Of course not, the cost of building a Smart Home certainly varies depending on your requests and needs.

You can consult us, so we can adjust the needs of Smart Home products, which of course will be adjusted to your budget.

Other Questions

Other questions about Smart Home, to make it easier for you to understand Smart Home before asking us again.

For warranty you can confirm to us, because the number of products we provide is quite a lot and of course it is different in terms of warranty.

Of course there is, besides that we will provide maintenance costs per visit.

In order to make it easier for us to do calculations for your Smart Home needs, we strongly recommend a room plan for positions (points), lights, curtains, air conditioning, electric socket, fan / exhaust fan, TV, multimedia, wifi router.

If your house is not fully installed Automation, you can write and consult us with your needs in detail.

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