Smart Sanitizing

The New Normal

Corona virus COVID-19 has made its statement all around the world. Pandemic outrage on any part of the world which forces us to live side by side with the Corona virus COVID-19 lurking at our tiniest speck of habit. Hence people all around the world introduces us to what they call 'The New Normal'.

What is Sanitizing


Sanitizing industry has exist for all we live, which for all we've known mainly focuses on sanitizing areas which are deemed to be urgently needed such as toilet, or maintaining pest control inside buildings.

If we look at the meaning of the word 'sanitize' it does sounds very general. Pandemic or not, sanitizing itself actually goes beyond, especially during what we know as 'The New Normal' in this Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic outrage situation.

What is Smart Sanitizing

Smart Sanitizing

So we introduces our line of 'Smart Sanitizing' systems that can be used safely, easily, effectively, and of course, efficiently both inside or outside an area purposedly to eliminate your worries in this new normal life of yours.



Bedroom, living room, play room, guest room, toilets, meeting room, you name it, and at the ease of a' tap', it's sanitized.

With it's 'sprinkle like' appearance, only smaller, we are able to integrate these misty nozzle on your building ceiling and generally sanitize any area whenever it is needed, both manually or automatically.

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KARSYTE Systems Integration (SI) in Indonesia provides hardware, software, networking and IoT technology.

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